Term 3 Inquiry – Continuity and Change

Year 3/4 will be studying history during Term 3.  We are going to be learning about many things that change over time, including medicine, sports, the environment, structure and architecture.  There has been advancements in technology and in our parts of our neighbourhood, as well as other changes in the world.

What continues on in the world? What has changed in your lifetime? 

What changes have your parents or grandparents noticed during their lifetime?

What would you like to learn about change? Why are you interested in this change?

By Eva, Harry, Maddie, Patrick and Emilia.


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Junior Mayor

On the 20th of April, the School Captains and Social Justice Captains went to the Chelsea Town Hall for the Junior Mayor Election for 2017. 24 schools were represented by a chosen candidate and a supporting team.Each school had to deliver a speech. The topic of the speech was ‘What are the benefits of young people volunteering in our community?

This is the speech Sienna delivered on the behalf of St.Mark’s:

“Imagine a world where everyone lives in harmony. A world where everyone co-operates. A world filled with confident, responsible and skilled leaders. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of this world? A world where everyone grows together as one. A world filled with endless possibilities.

But… How do we make this world possible?

We often hear about adults volunteering in schools and aged care centres.  But what about young people volunteering? How is this beneficial?

We know that people become leaders by learning from others. Our journey in life takes us down many paths and roads. During our lifetime, we meet different people who could potentially enrich our lives with their own experiences and life journeys. By volunteering in our community we benefit from immersing ourselves in life lessons that will have an impact on our futures.

But… How will volunteering in our community have an impact on our futures?

We believe that through volunteering young people will learn new skills that are beneficial and would impact our future. It would make younger kids look up to us. They would say ‘Wow! They’re doing that?! I want to be like that someday!’ That will create a chain that will continue for a lifetime! A chain that is a life cycle. Once kids see what we are doing for our community, they will want to do it themselves. When we grow up and start working, younger kids will take our places and become the role models that we once were.

Perhaps the biggest impact in our lives comes from experiences. We call these life lessons. Life lessons from the people we meet along our path of volunteering. Life lessons that will teach us skills that we may use as adults to enhance our chances of pursuing successful careers and job prospects. Life lessons that will enrich our personal lives in relationships with family, friends, schoolmates and eventually work colleagues.

But don’t get us wrong, when we say benefits of volunteering, it doesn’t just apply to what we get from this but also what others get from usWe, the young members of our community have skills and life experiences from which others could learn and benefit too. What we are saying is…… the benefits work both ways.

Join us in saying: we want to grow up and develop into mature, confident and successful leaders. We want to grow together as one.  We want to learn and teach others…and the best way to do this is by volunteering in our community!”

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Term 2 Inquiry

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This term we will be doing an environmental science topic. We will be looking at plants and how they grow, greenhouses, sustainability, crops and how to protect them, bees and other insects. We will be thinking about different factors and how these affect the environment (positive or negative) including our own actions.

What do you already know/understand about any of the concepts mentioned above?

What sorts of things are you excited to learn about?

Do you have any ideas about how we could do a better job of caring for our environment – school, home or world?




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Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

This term 3/4N have been contributing to the Stephanie Alexander Program. They have been picking naturally grown herbs, vegetables and fruits from the garden run by compost. Thanks to this program, 3/4N have been learning about natural produce and how to use it in delicious foods. This has been great for the growth mindset to try something new and different to the norm. With the help of parents this program has been filled with new and fun experiences for the students of 3/4N.

By Harry M, Emilia D, Eva, Patrick & Maddie

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Welcome Back

Welcome back to all our 3/4 students and their families. We hope you all had happy holidays and are looking forward to working with you during 2017.

This week we have been getting to know each other and talking about how we can develop growth mindsets to help us learn and grow while working as a team this year.

There are two different kinds of mindsets: growth mindsets and fixed mindsets.

Someone with a growth mindset is likely to:

  • Be keen as a bean to learn from the people around them
  • Understand that in order to get what they want, they’ve got to  put effort in
  • Know that making a mistake is a chance to learn
  • Be aware of their weaknesses, and focused on improving them
  • Welcome challenges
  • Be open to new things and new ways of learning.

The flip side of that is a fixed mindset. Someone with a fixed mindset is likely to:

  • Avoid challenges where they think they might fail
  • Not deal very well with setbacks
  • Try to hide their mistakes
  • Be convinced that their abilities are limited.
  • Practice negative self-talk by saying things like “I can’t do it.”

Image result for cartoon images of a team of happy kids

Which mindset do you usually choose and why ?

What are some of your goals this year ?

What challenges are you looking forward to this year ?

How do you think you can contribute to our 3/4 team this year ?

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3/4 Genius Hour in 2016


All students in 3/4 have been working on a personal Genius Hour project this year. Genius Hour is part of our Inquiry Learning, where students develop a complex “Non-Googleable” question on a topic of their choice, then research and present their findings. The students have been allocated one hour a week to work on these projects.

Today was our open expo day where they whole school community were invited to see what the 3/4 students have achieved in their projects. The students shared their learning and carried out their actions of their intended impact. It seems that all of our visitors have been very impressed at the wide variety of projects this term, and the creativity that students have shown through their projects.

Below, are some examples of student questions and their presentations.

Names Question Link
Christian & Dante How might we make St. Mark’s smarter at Maths? link
Noah, Caroline & Loretta How might we create a trial cat for kids to prove that they can own a real pet? link
Emily & Georgie How might we persuade people to keep fit and drink more litres of water? link
Savannah, Alex & Eliza How might we raise awareness and money for Caritas? link
Josh, Brandan & Ethan How might we educate people about bullying? link
Jake & Ethan How might we make a scratch game that teaches people about shapes? link


Students, what did you enjoy about the Expo and Google Hangout?

Visitors, which projects did you find most interesting and why?



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First Eucharist Day

The teachers and students of St Mark’s would like to congratulate the 3/4 children who have just received their first Eucharist. This very special day was held in our St Mark’s church where Father Benedict and the parish community as well as their families and friends joined them in making the next important step in their faith journey.

FullSizeRender IMG_5333


How did you feel on our your first Eucharist day ?

What prayers did you say after you received the Eucharist ?

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Inquiry Term 4

Next term in 3/4 for Inquiry we will be learning about the History of Australia. We will studying specific events like the first fleet, white settlement, convicts, etc. As part of this unit we will also be focusing on how Australia changed during this time and how it is different now. Throughout this unit students will also be analysing how these significant events impacted the  Indigenous Australians who were already occupying the Australian land.

What do you already know about Australian History?

What else would you like to learn about white settlement in Australia?

How do you think Australia changed throughout that time?

How is Australia different (or not different) now?

What do your parents know about Australian history? What would they like you to learn about it?


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Eucharist Reflection Day

Hello People,

My Name Is Vincent and I will be talking about Eucharist Reflection Day. I imagined it being the best day of the month or maybe year because of what we were preparing for. It exceeded my expectations and  we got to do MORE activities than I expected. We got to work in groups, discuss scenarios that might happen and how God will help us and give us a way to treat others like Jesus would. It’s ok if we make a mistake it happens to us all and we have other people and Jesus helping us to make the right choices. We all met new people from other schools and worked with other year 4’s. We learnt the commitment of the Eucharist and using our prior knowledge to know it’s a very important sacrament. You become a disciple of Jesus Christ and eat the bread. We had an amazing time after that. We shared food like Jesus and the disciples at the last supper did.  After Lunch we practised in Church getting ready for Sunday when we made our first Eucharist. Overall this day was amazing, great and very worth it.
Bye Bloggers! From Vincent

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STRIDE DAY for 3/4’s

On the 29th of August, all the Year 3’s visited Kingswood Primary and the Year 4’s went to Dingley Primary. All the activities for the day focussed on building our resilience skills and making new friends along the way. Here are some thoughts of the day:

One of my favourite activities was throwing a ball to each other and saying the name of a character.  It was fun because you never knew where the ball would go. I saw some of my soccer and footy friends – Massimo

My favourite activity was passing the ball over and under other people’s legs.  It was a race and it involved teamwork – Ethan W

My teacher’s name was Lily and we had to pick a picture about something you liked and explain why you liked it. I like painting my nails so I picked a nail picture – Annabel M

I enjoyed how we made a symbol that represents you. We got to draw anything we liked. I drew a paintbrush because I like painting. It was a good day because we got to make new friends – Millie

It was a great day and we hope we can have it again in 2017!

What did you learn about resilience?

What did you find enjoyable on the STRIDE day?


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